Studies in Old Norse and Related Tongues

Over the course of the last thousand years, the Old Norse language has survived almost unchanged in Iceland. Since modern Icelandic is so similar to Old Norse, it is a very convenient starting point for students wishing to learn the ancient tongue. For that reason, links to modern Icelandic language resources are included here.


The Icelandic Alphabet: How to pronounce Víking-era runes in modern Icelandic. Off-site.

Icelandic Phrase Page: Includes a pronounciation guide and a number of common phrases, terms, and words. Use your browser's search function to find what you're looking for. Offers downloadable audio files to assist pronounciation. Off-site.

Runes and Pronounciation: Just as the name says. Converting runes to Icelandic letters and vice versa, with pronounciations. Off-site.

Speak Icelandic Like a Restless Native: Some common phrases in Icelandic, with downloadable audio files of all the phrases to hear what they're supposed to sound like. A terrific idea, but limited offerings. Off-site.


Runic Swedish Grammar: An introduction to West Norse, with an emphasis on examples from extant rune-stones in Sweden. Off-site.

A Quick Pronounciation Guide: How to pronounce all those special characters found on this and other web sites.

Rätt uttydda stavar: Phonetic Transcription of Modern Swedish in Runes

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