A comprehensive guide to resources for Norse/Germanic Pagans

Please note that being listed here does not imply any association with or endorsement by Gers Ey Gođorđ. The Heathen community is large and diverse, and as such it is inevitable that a comprehensive listing (such as this aspires to be) will include entries of questionable and/or objectionable religious, political, or social content (naturally, since such judgements are subjective in nature, one person's questionable practice is anothers' orthodoxy, and vice versa). Nonetheless, it is the firm policy of this list not to discriminate against anyone, any group, or any point of view short of those advocating violence or other illegal activities. This listing is included as a resource to assist the entire Ásatrú/ Heathen/ Norse Pagan community, not merely one self-identified segment thereof. You will be offended by at least some of the links below-- no matter who you are, no matter what you believe-- be warned!

Web sites dealing with topics relating to Heathenry will be listed here. This includes (but isn't limited to) sites covering Heiđni or other Germanic religions (including Ásatrú, Vanatrú, Anglo-Saxon, Norse Wicca, Norse Druidry, Skertru, etc. etc. etc.), Germanic history and culture (including Víking-era, and pre-Christian Anglo-Saxon and continental German), runes and other Germanic magical practices, modern historical reenactments, sellers of jewelry and other heathen-related crafts and publications, and so on. Sub-pages (i.e., those included within a larger site already listed, with certain exceptions that the web troll shall deem appropriate) and sites containing or advocating illegal information or activities will not be included. Just because a site is listed here does not mean to imply that the group or individual is a practitioner of any particular religious system; they could be Heathen, Christian, or neither; sites are included here because they may be of interest to Heathens. The web troll and Gers Ey Gođorđ reserve the right to make the final decisions regarding inclusion on this list. Literature (both original-language and translation) may be found on the Gers Ey Gođorđ Sources page, while sites dealing with Old Norse and related languages may be found on our Language page.

Please submit any changes, outdated/ bad links, and requests for inclusion to gerseygodord@hotmail.com.


There is a lot of overlap in the categorization of web sites below; it's not nearly as cut-and-dried as it appears. An Individual web site could have information on both Runes and Norse Mythology, for example. The web troll has tried to make logical assignments, but is always open to suggestion if you think your site should be in a different category.

Email Lists, Web Rings, etc. Individuals Religious Organizations
Food and Drink Miscellaneous Runes and Magic
Historical Reenactment Non-Religious Organizations Usenet Newsgroups
History and Culture Norse Mythology Vendors, Publishers, etc.


While most of the web pages listed below are in English, many are not, and some are bi- (or tri-) lingual. Unless noted, assume that any web site listed is in English. For non-English or multi-language web sites, the following key should be used to determine what language(s) a web site uses:

Danish Danish German German Russian Russian
Dutch Dutch Icelandic Icelandic Spanish Spanish
English English Italian Italian Swedish Swedish
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French French portugese.gif (3689 bytes) Portugese

We now have ~350 links, all fresh as of March 29th, 1999


#Asatru Homepage [Dalnet IRC chat room home page]
Asatru-D German
The Asatru-L Mailing List
Asatru Europe English German
The Asatru List
Asatru-NE Discussion List
The Asatru Webring
Asetro-Nord Mailingliste Norweigan
Gathering of Runes Web Ring
Learning Faeroese
Mailinglisten Ratatosk Norweigan
Odin's Knights Web Ring
Odin's Wolves
Ring of the Nibelung
Ring of Vikings
Rokstolar Danish
Stáv Web Ring (aka the Stáv Index)


Mead Archives at Stanford University (FTP)
The Mead Hall
The Mead Maker's Page
Viking Age Foodstuffs
The Well of Latis (lots of Meadmaking info)


Dahrg de Belne
Dark Ages Society
Hastings 2000
Lothene Experimental Archaeology Group
Regia Anglorum
Ulf Stahm
Viking Resources for the Reenactor
The Vikings
The Vikings - Hrafensdale Herred
The Vikings - Ousekjarr
Vikinglandet [A 'living history' village outside Oslo]


Anglo-Saxon Culture
The Anglo-Saxon Woman as Author and Composer
Arild Hauge's Runes and Vikings Page English Norweigan
A Bit of Swedish (and Scandinavic) History
The Norse
Old English Pages
Origo Culture - History of Norway - Viking Era
Paul Orton's Dark Ages Pages [Anglo-Saxon England]
The Viking Home Page
The Vikings: Projects & Internet Resources
The Vikings: They Got Here First, But Why Didn't They Stay?


Ásatrú finnish.gif (3054 bytes)
Ásatrú Vanatrú - Brazil portugese.gif (3689 bytes)
Les Anciennes Croyances Nordiques French
Arlea and Stormernes Heathen Wedding Site
Ásatrú and Anthropology
Asatru Archive
Asatru / German-American Pages
At the Kitchen Table [Heathen parenting]
Dr. Barry-Thor [Ţór] L. Whitney
Boudicca's Bard- Germanics Danish English German
Bleddyn's Circle
Calle's Homepage
Catherine Burr's Home Page
Dame Holle's Realm [Heathen parenting information]
Daimien's Asatru Page
Deimos' Vikings!
The Eagle's Home Page
Earth Dance
Erich's Hall
Eriks Vikingsider Swedish
Frigga's Distaff (aka Tanta Audrey's Place)
Hagalaz' Runedance
Hakon's Ásatrú Site
Halfdan's Viking Page
Hallowed Halls of Northern Tradition
Hartis Homepage German
Heathen Herbal Resource Page
The Hearth of Karl Donaldsson
Hildolf's Den
Hnikar's Folkish Asatru Page [Includes Odin's Nation News]
The Journey of Tyr
Land of Confusion
Lord SigTyr's Domain
Marelda's Hall
Midgarđ, Dylan Kirk's Heimpage
Midgard's Place
Mysts of Avalon
Night Winds
Norse Contents Page
Norse Texas
Our Heathen Faith
Outpost of Asgard (aka Homepage of Othinndis)
Ragenheid's Page
The Rainbow Bridge
Raven's Aerie
Siglinda's Asatru Mead Hall
SigTyr's Page
Skallagrim's Vikingr Heimr
Srdan's Ásatrú Page
Stefan's Florlegium: Norse-Related Stuff
Steve's Ásatrú Page
Svartur's Asatru Page
Swain Wodening's Web Page
Ţeedrich's Hive
ThorBjorn's Ice Caves
Thorazaz Odinson's Asatru Hall
Thorrfinn's Heathen Hearth
Thorfinnson's Viking Miscellany
Thuris' Home Page
Tyr's Home Page
Ullrborg Vinnuhopur
The Ultimate Barbarian Page [Includes Barbarian's Norse Religion page]
Uncle Thorr's Station
The Valknut
Det Vandrende Ekorn Norweigan
Veor Thorhallsson's Ţrúđheim
The Vikingage as Experience [An essay about Vikinglandet from a folklore students point of view]
The Viking Answer Lady
Wild Hunt: Homepage of Oskoreidi
WinterRaven's World
Wodening's Germanic History Page (includes the Virtual-Reality Hof-- VRML or Cosmo required!)
WolfRaven's Celto-Germanic Page
The Wyrd Page
Yggdrasil: Home of the Vikings


Asatru Knotwork
Full Moon [On-line newsletter]
Germanic Heritage Page
Germanic Neo-Paganism [Course syllabus]
The Germanic World
Glima- Wrestling of the Vikings Danish English
Loki: A Paean in Progress
Loki's Temple English Russian
Northern Winds
Odhinnist (Odinist) Resource Page
Oldnorsenet List Archive
Onyx Dimensions
Rune Stones to Viking Rock [Course syllabus with links to student projects]
Runic Fonts
Squirrel.com Ásatrú page
Thor's Home Page
The Viking Network Web
Viking Picture Gallery
The Woad Page
Woden's Harrow
Wolfmoon - Asatru
World of the Vikings


Đa Engliscan Gesiţas [Anglo-Saxon language and culture]
English Heritage Archaeology Division
European Heritage Project
Folkheart [Frisian (North German) information]
Informatie voor Mediëvisten English Dutch
Institutet för Forntida Teknik (aka "Institute for Ancient Technology") English Swedish
Jorvik Viking Centre
Norsk Hřstfest [Scandinavian festival in North Dakota]
Scandinavian Fest [Scandinavian festival in New Jersey]
Skogfjorden [Concordia Language Village]
Society for Early English and Norse Electronic Texts (SEENET)
Society for the Advancement of Scandinavian Studies (SASS)
Sons of Norway
Viking Age Club
Viking Faering Project
Viking Navy


Ĺsgard Web English Danish Norweigan Swedish
CIAK Library
Encyclopedia Mythica: Norse Mythology
German Customs, Traditions, Origins of Holidays
Germanic Mythology
Germanic Myths, Legends, and Sagas
Germanic Religion
Ginnungagap English Swedish
Greek Mythology Compared to Norse Mythology
Icelandic Folktales
Loki in the Eddas
The Morrígan and Her Germano-Celtic Counterparts
Myths of Asgard
The Norse Classics Page
The Norse Mythology Web Site
Old Norse Mythology
The Original Valkyries
Resources for Studying Beowulf
Scandinavian Mythology and Folklore
Swedish Folktales
Thor Tarp - Mythology Page
Viking Gods
Werewolf Legends from Germany


Aernfolk/Eagles Reaches
Allgermanische Heidnische Front
American Vinland Association
Angelseaxisce Ealdriht
Apple Tree Kindred
Arizona Kindred
Asatru Alliance
Asatru Austin Assembly
Ĺsatrufellesskapet Bifrost English Norweigan
Asatru Council of Washington
Asatru Fellowship of New Zealand
Asatru Folk Assembly
Asatru Folksrad
Ásatrú Kindred of Argentina "Thor's Hammer"  English Spanish (aka Hermandad Ásatrú Argentina "Martillo de Thor")
Asatru Kindred of Australasia, Inc.
Ásatrúarfélagiđ English Icelandic
Asgard Troth
Ash Online
Assembly of the Elder Troth
Arizona Kindred
Baemdunas Mot
Bifrost Kindred
Calasa Kindred
Children of Midgard Kindred
Circle of Europa Kindred
Comunitŕ Odinista Italian [Lombardic heathenry]
Confederation of Independent Asatru Kindreds
Dragon's Hearth
Eagle's Kindred of Utah
Fiskiörn Kindred
Foreningen Forn Sed English Icelandic Norweigan
Forn Siđr
Frigga's Web
Gers Ey Gođorđ
Gimlé Norweigan
Gladsheim Kindred
Great Ash Kindred
Grove of the Midnight Sun [Norse Druids]
Grove of Tyr's Hand [Norse Druids]
Grundair's Hearth
Gungnir Kindred of Colorado
Gyrfalcon Hall
Forna Seden
Hammerstead Kindred
Harđhugađr Kindred
Hearthfire Grove [Norse Druids]
The Heathen Biker
Heathen Update
High Reaches Kindred
Himinbjorg Hearth
Hoffgard Kindred
Hrimfaxi Hearth
Irmin's Way
Irminsul Ćttir
The Jutlander
Keeper of Seasons Hall
Kindred of Ravenswood
Kindred Spirits Hearth
Knotted Hammer Kindred
Leidstjarna [On-line journal]
Loki Cult
Lone Tree Kindred
Markland Kindred  English German
Midgard's Web
Mugwart Grove [Norse Druids]
NewGladhome Hearth
New Mexico Asatru Council
Noordse Traditie Dutch
Nôrdfolk Ásatrú Free Kindred
The Nordic Way
Nordische Zeitung  English German
Nordstrom Kindred
Normanni Reiks
Northern Hammer Hearth
The Odin Brotherhood
Odinic Rite
Odinic Rite Deutschland German
Odinic Rite France French
Odinic Rite Österreich English German
Odinic Rite Vinland
The Odinist Fellowship
Oklahoma Asatru Kindred Alliance
The Order of Lidskjalf
The Order of the Valknut
Rabenclan  German
Raven Kindred of the Asatru Alliance Inc.
Raven Kindred South
Raven Online
Raven's Nest Kindred
Raven's Troth Asatru Kindred
Raven's Ve`
Regenleif Felag English German
Rígsbörnin Kindred
Samfälligheten för Nordisk Sed Swedish
Silver Fox Grove English French [Norse Druids]
Skĺne Gäll Swedish
Skergard English German Spanish
Springfield Vinnuhopur
Stav Australia
The Stáv Forum
The Stáv Healing Page
The Stáv Seid Circle
Stone Creed Grove [Norse Druids]
Stonehawk Grove [Norse Druids]
Sunna Godeord
Sveriges Asatrosamfund Swedish
The Troth (formerly the Ring of Troth)
Thrudheim Kindred
Tör och Attunda gäll Swedish
Torshelig Hall
Two Ravens Kindred
Ulfheđnar Kindred
Ulfheim Kindred
Valgarth Stáv Hov
Vingolf Fellowship
Vinland Heathen Front
Wärmlands Gäll Swedish
Wednesbury Theod
Whispering Ravens Kindred
Winland Ríce
Wolfgar Freehold
Werkgroep Traditie v.z.w. Dutch
Whispering Ravens Kindred
Wolfshof English German
Wyrdweavers Collective
Yggdrasil Kindred
Yggdrasil-Kreis German
Yggdrasil Springs (aka Kansas City Metro Area Kindred)


Ásatrú and the Elder Futhark
Beginning to Understand Runes
Darkrage's Runic Page
The Denali Institute of Northern Traditions (aka "Runes by Ragnar")
The Kewel Ristar
Kumbler Danish
Non-Odinist Rune Seekers Everywhere (aka N.O.R.S.E.)
Nordic Magic Healing
Nytt om Runer  English Norweigan ["News on Runes" from the University of Oslo]
Projekt Samnordisk runtextdatabas svensk (aka "Swedish rune-text database project") Swedish
The Rune Club
Rune Gild South Pacific Region
Rune Gild Vinland
The Rune Keep
Runer [Runocological projects at the Norweigan Computing Center for the Humanities]
The Runes for Magick and Divination
Runes of the Elder Futhark
Runes, Runes, Runes
Runes, The Meanings
The Runic Journey
The Seiđman Rants
Sunny's Runes (aka Runes: Alphabet of Mystery)
TurtlesHome Runes
Viking Age Rune Stones English Swedish
A Web of Futhark




The Ĺrby Viking Canoe
Brekke Tours of Grand Forks
Dragon Forge
Earle Estates Meadery
The Enchanted Glyph
Fire + Ice [Rock band]
The Goddess Gallery - Paul Borda Celtic and Norse Statuary
Heathen Carvings by Donna Kaunike
Heidnischwerk Heathen Sculpture
Icelandic Magic Rune Pendants
Ingebretsen's Scandinavian Gifts and Food
Intro to Stav [A Stáv training video available through Espy TV]
JBL Statues
The Jelling Dragon
Lunde Designs
Norsland Lefse
The Northerner
Odianway Books and Etc.
Pagan Fish [Taking pre-orders on the "Asatru Fish"!!!]
Ragnar's Ragweed Forge
Runa Raven Press [publishing arm of the Rune Gild]
Runemaster's Rune Works
Scandinavian Lodge [A Scandinavian-theme hotel in Sister Bay, WI]
Scandinavian Specialty Products
Sif's Blessings
Skvala Press
Stav Marketing and Publishing Ltd.
Steven and Jodie Forrest's Web Site [Astrology, with some Norse lore]
Tara Hill Designs
Tourist Magazine, Norway
Trollwise Press
Ullarblađiđ [Importer of Icelandic wool, and info on "Wool Camp in Iceland"]
Viking Age Art and Artifacts
The Viking Times International Magazine
Vor Tru Magazine
Wodan's Kindred/ Wodensdag Press
The Wooden Spoon
World Tree Publications

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